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Develop an IMAP client using this sample project based on the LumiSoft .NET open source project. This project compiles in .NET 4.0 and demonstrates how to pull email using IMAP. The purpose of the project is for email auto processing.

This is an IMAP Email Client Demonstration Project Please see the Documentation tab for more.

I had a need to allow clients to email form templates to our servers that would render them as .aspx pages on their own websites. Our system provides online giving capabilites to our charitable organization clients primarily churches. One the huge needs is for volunteers to be able to create "ad-hoc" forms that can be filled out online and a payment or gift collected at that time. For example a church might have a summer camp or a pizza party where there is a cost. In these cases the church needs to collect information about the event and money for the event. That is easy if you have a form on the secure site. But there is NOTHING standard about event forms and generally volunteers create the forms. We needed a way that a person who can compose an email and with a very few simple rules create a "template" for a form. We wanted to use email as the creation tool and the publishing tool.

This demonstration project might be usefull to others with similar needs. It is just about the retrevial of the message up to a point where your automation code would take over to do what ever you might want done.

While doing the research for this I came across an open-source project that does all the heavy lifting and is in .NET. It is somewhat difficult to find directly. The open-source project is called LumiSoft ( - nice but will not get you to the code. Because I don't have any part in that project (no rights or license) and you should be getting the most up to date version it is not included in the project code here. You must download it directly from the author's site.
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